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The LC-- Million Dollar Baby Connection

Stephanie has always shown a depth of commitment to our cause. Now we know that she herself has witnessed interpersonal violence and its resulting post-traumatic effects. Though the violence was socially sanctioned, it had devastating effects, physically and psychologically on both Stephanie and Katie. Below is a picture that Katie did six months after her experience.


Yet ultimately, the story of Katie and Stephanie is an inspiring one, as it illustrates important lessons about the human capacity for recovery and the power of compassionate care to inspire hope and recovery. Katie chose survival, and with the dedicated help of Stephanie, has rebuilt a productive life. See, Long count: Katie Dallam was hurt boxing, but she didn't throw in towel published in the Kansas City Star .

We are proud to have Stephanie Dallam's compassion, dedication, and intelligence directed towards the work of the Leadership Council. With her help, and the help of the other dedicated professionals like her on our Council, we are committed to using our expertise to protect society's most vulnerable members, and promote healing and recovery for those who have suffered the painful aftermath of interpersonal violence.

Suffering from left sided brain damage due to the fight, Katie now expresses herself in provocative paintings and sculpture. More of a Katie's artwork can be viewed at the web site her created for her at www.kddallam.com